Court Favors Arbitration in Disputes Between Contractor and Subcontractor

Actus Lend Lease LLC v. Integrated Bldg. Res. Dev. LLC, 2007 WL 2362389 (N.D.N.Y. Aug. 14, 2007)

Here, defendant moved to dismiss the action for breach of its subcontract with plaintiff-contractor on the basis that the action was subject to binding arbitration.  According to the subcontract, a dispute between the parties must be resolved by mandatory arbitration when the dispute (1) arises in connection with the subcontract and either party elects, by written notice, to submit the matter to binding arbitration; or (2) involves the correlative rights and duties of the owner.  The subcontract also provided that a party must provide written notice to elect binding arbitration.

In support of its motion, defendant submitted a notice of motion and an affirmation with exhibits; however, it did not submit a memorandum of law to set forth its legal arguments.  The court held, therefore, that factual disputes existed as to whether the alleged dispute was subject to arbitration under the terms of the agreement.  However, the court granted defendant leave to renew its motion to dismiss upon submission of the proper papers, reasoning that there is a strong public policy in favor of arbitration.

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