About Our Group

Construction and Infrastructure are arguably the world’s largest industries.  They are fast-paced and governed by strict deadlines.  Building a successful project requires cooperation and teamwork amoung architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors and many others.  Our lawyers understand the industry from finance, development and design through implementation, construction and close-out.  Drawing upon our legal and technical expertise, we work with our clients to minimize disputes and accomplish common project goals – locally, nationally and internationally.  Our ability to anticipate, address and prevent the myriad of problems that can arise during any phase of a construction project provides real value to our clients and enhances their bottom line.

We are a group of construction and infrastructure lawyers who assist our clients with the everyday issues and battles that are part of the construction and engineering industries.  Our core practice areas are construction project support, dispute resolution and government contracting.  Within these, we focus on all phases of a construction project, starting with development, structuring and finance issues, all the way through adjudication or arbitration proceedings or litigation of claims.

Many of our practice group lawyers have worked in the construction, engineering and building materials industries or in the government agencies that interface with these industries.  Some of them have work experience as civil, structural, mechanical and chemical engineers.  Others have been construction and engineering project managers or have worked in the legal departments of companies devoted to these industries. Still others have military experience in these disciplines.

For more information about our group and how we can help your business, please vist our practice page on klgates.com.

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