Court Rules Lien Timely Filed Pursuant to Florida Statute 713.08(5)

J.S.L. Constr. Co. v. Levy, 994 So.2d 179 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 2008)

In this case, a homeowner sued a contractor to discharge a mechanic’s lien and for breach of contract.  The contractor was hired to construct the shell of a residence, with non-shell work performed by change order.  Among other things, this case addresses whether the contract recorded its claim of lien timely.

Florida Statutes Section 713.08(5) provides that a "claim of lien may be recorded at any time during the progress of the work or thereafter but not later than 90 days after the final furnishing of the labor or service or materials by lienor."  The parties had agreed that the contractor would oversee work performed by electrical and other subcontractors.  Moreover, because the subcontractors’ permits were tied to the master permit, the contractor could not close out its permit and complete the project until the electrical and other subcontract work was performed.  The contractor also did a final walk through of the project with the building inspector.  Because the contractor filed its claim of lien within 90 days of those activities, the claim of lien was timely.

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