K&L Gates Arbitration World, March 2009

Arbitration World is an update for clients and contacts on recent developments in international arbitration law and practice.

From the Editors

Welcome to the 8th edition of Arbitration World, a publication from K&L Gates’ Arbitration Group that highlights significant developments and issues in international and domestic arbitration for executives and in-house counsel with responsibility for dispute resolution.

We are pleased to announce the opening on March 2nd of our office in Singapore. This represents our fifth Asia office and 32nd location worldwide, including offices in eight of what many view as the key venues for international arbitration:  Paris, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, New York, Washington, D.C. and Miami.

We hope you find this edition of Arbitration World of interest, and we welcome any feedback.

In This Issue

• News from around the World
• Global Recession – Trends in Arbitration
• Do The IBA Rules On The Taking Of Evidence In International Commercial Arbitration Need To Be Amended?
• The ABA’s “Revised” Disclosure Checklist for Arbitrators: Lipstick on a Pig?
• The Anti-Suit Injunction after West Tankers
• Novation of Contracts and Agreements to Arbitrate
• Second Circuit Holds That the Federal Arbitration Act Does Not Authorize Pre-hearing Document Discovery from Non-Parties to an Arbitration
• Arbitration and Wrongful Death Claims in Texas
• Arbitrating Antitrust and Competition Law Issues in Germany

View the March 2009 Edition here.

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