K&L Gates Arbitration World, May 2009

Arbitration World is an update for clients and contacts on recent developments in international arbitration law and practice.

From the Editors
Welcome to the 9th edition of Arbitration World, a publication from K&L Gates’ Arbitration Group that highlights significant developments and issues in international and domestic arbitration for executives and in-house counsel with responsibility for dispute resolution.
We hope you find this edition of Arbitration World of interest, and we welcome any feedback.

In This Issue
• News from around the World
• Enforceability in the United States of Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements: The Third Circuit Court of Appeals Signs On To Majority Trend
• Legal Privilege – A Recurrent Problem in International Arbitration
• Challenges Ahead: Arbitrating with Russian and Eastern European Parties
• More U.S. Courts Permit Discovery in Aid of Foreign Arbitrations, but Texas Dissents: U.S.C. § 1782
• The Right to be Heard: CAS Award Annulled by Swiss Federal Supreme Court
• Recent ICSID Decisions on the Meaning of “Investment”
• U.S. Supreme Court Permits Non-signatories to Arbitration Agreements to Seek Stays of Litigation and Interlocutory Appeals under FAA

View the May 2009 Edition here.

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