Pandemic Flu Risk for Major Projects

By Peter Dzakula, K&L Gates

1. What is the risk?

Since the end of April 2009, when swine flu (Influenza A(H1N1)) was first reported in Mexico and the United States , swine flu has spread globally. It has been reported that there are now almost 36,000 cases in 76 countries (with over 6,000 cases in the UK ).  As a result, the World Health Organisation has raised the swine flu alert to "Phase 6" and referred to it as a "global pandemic".  At this stage, it has been reported that the symptoms of swine flu have been mild and the number of deaths, globally, have been in line with seasonal flu averages.  However, it has been said that if the virus mutates and becomes more virulent it will pose a greater threat, particularly in the winter months.  The consequences under construction contracts used for major projects in such a scenario are examined below.

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