Pennsylvania’s New “State Construction Notices Directory” and the Implementation of Significant Changes to Pennsylvania’s Mechanics’ Lien Law

By William D. Wickard, Erin D. Fleury

Important changes to Pennsylvania’s Mechanics’ Lien Law recently took effect on December 31, 2016, with the launch of an online State Construction Notices Directory. These amendments to the Mechanics’ Lien Law (which were passed by the Pennsylvania legislature in 2014) modify the process and deadlines applicable to subcontractors, contractors and owners with respect to mechanics’ liens on projects costing over $1.5 million.  In short, these amendments require subcontractors to comply with an earlier lien notice requirement by providing a “Notice of Furnishing” within 45 days of beginning work or providing materials if the owner has filed a “Notice of Commencement” to the online directory with respect to a “searchable project” prior to commencement of work on the project.
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