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Be Aware of Construction Law Developments

Be Aware of Construction Law Developments

The building boom could hit many parties in the head.

By K&LNG attorneys Michael R. Gordon and Daniel J. Doron

New York Law Journal:  Trends in Real Estate and Title Insurance
April 11, 2005

We are in the midst of one of the great construction booms in recent history.  There are over 75 high-rise buildings under construction in New York City, with dozens of others being renovated or reconstructed.  The Freedom Tower, the Hearst Magazine Building, the Atlantic Yards Project in Brooklyn, and 505 Fifth Avenue are all underway.  An overhaul of the Hudson Rail Yards on the Lower West Side is imminent, as the New York Sports and Convention Center or as another major redevelopment project.  In such an environment, buyers and sellers of construction services must be mindful of recent developments in construction law.  This article highlights a few of those developments.

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