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Cancelled LLC Can Be Sued, But Cannot Sue

Cancelled LLC Can Be Sued, But Cannot Sue

Chadwick Farms Owners Assoc. v. FHC, LLC, 139 Wash. App. 300, 160 P.3d 1061 (2007)

This case presents a similar set of facts to Maple Court.  Condominium developer FHC, LLC was administratively dissolved on March 24, 2003.  On August 18, 2004, Chadwick Farms Homeowner’s Association filed suit against FHC, alleging construction defects.  Seven months later, on March 24, 2005, FHC was administratively cancelled because it failed to reinstate during the two-year dissolution period.  Two months after cancellation, FHC filed third party claims against its subcontractors, and in August 2005 moved for summary judgment against Chadwick on the ground that it was no longer a legal entity.
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