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K&L Gates Arbitration World, October 2009

K&L Gates Arbitration World, October 2009

From the Editors

Welcome to the 10th edition of Arbitration World, a publication from K&L Gates’ Arbitration Group that highlights significant developments and issues in international and domestic arbitration for executives and in-house counsel with responsibility for dispute resolution.

We hope you find this edition of Arbitration World of interest, and we welcome any feedback (email: or

In This Issue

• News from around the World
• The Arbitration Fairness Act: A Fundamental Shift in U.S. Arbitration Policy?
• Saipem v. Bangladesh: The Use of an Investment Treaty to Enforce an Arbitral Award
• ReliaStar Life v. EMC National Life: Second Circuit Allows Award of Attorneys’ Fees as a Sanction for “Bad Faith” in the Face of a Contrary Contract Term
• International Arbitration in Singapore: Recent Developments
• Proposed Changes in the Interface Between Courts and International Arbitration in the EU
• A Sea Change in 28 U.S.C. § 1782 Cases? U.S. Fifth Circuit and Two District Courts Refuse Discovery to Parties to Foreign Arbitrations
• Third Party Funding in Arbitration: A Perspective from England
• Protocol of Enforcement Affords Reassurance on Enforcement of DIFC-LCIA Arbitral Awards and DIFC Judgments Beyond DIFC Boundaries
• Recent English Decisions on Non-Parties to Arbitration Agreements

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