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Welcome to the 21st Edition of K&L Gates’ Arbitration World

Welcome to the 21st Edition of K&L Gates’ Arbitration World

Welcome to the 21st edition of Arbitration World, a publication from K&L Gates’ International Arbitration Group that highlights significant developments and issues in international and domestic arbitration for executives and in-house counsel with responsibility for dispute resolution.

We are delighted to be able to include in this edition a guest contribution from David Burt, Corporate Counsel for E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont).  In his article, David describes the way in which DuPont’s “Global ADR Guide”, for use by DuPont’s 200 in-house lawyers across the world, came to be developed.

We are also pleased to include an article by Mick Smith, Partner & Co-Founder of Calunius Capital LLP, one of the leading providers of third party funding.  Third party funding is becoming ever more prevalent in both litigation and arbitration. In his article, Mick describes the processes of case assessment and case monitoring from the funder’s perspective.  This is the first of what will be a short series of articles on the important topic of third party funding in international arbitration.

We also include in this edition our usual update on developments from around the globe in international arbitration and investment treaty arbitration, along with specific articles covering some of those developments and other topics of interest in more detail, authored by members of K&L Gates’ International Arbitration Group.

We hope you find this edition of Arbitration World of interest, and we welcome any feedback (email or

In this Issue:

• DuPont Navigates ADR Worldwide
• News from around the World
• World Investment Treaty Arbitration Update
• Third Party Funding: Case Assessment and Monitoring
• U.S. Supreme Court Fires Shot across Oklahoma’s Bow
• What Qualifies as an Investment? A Primer on Protecting Foreign Investments (Part 2)
• Astro: Affirming Singapore’s Position on Challenging Awards on Jurisdictional Grounds
• No Dispute About It – Dispute Boards are Hot in Chinese Construction Projects
• A Comparative Analysis of the “Choice of Law” Approaches to Privilege in International Proceedings
• UAE Arbitration Insight – New York Convention Shifts Enforcement Approach

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